Stemmler's Maple sausage breakfast patties

Stemmler's Maole sausage breakfast patties is suitable for phase 1 and 2. Gluten, MSG, lactose, corn, soy and nitrie free.

Ingredients: Pork, reverse osmosis water, spices, salt, potassium chloride, potato starch-modified, maple seasoning, brown sugar, ascorbic acid, sodium erythrobate.

 KEEP IN FREEZER AT ALL TIMES. DISCLAIMER: This product is temperature-sensitive in nature and should be kept IN THE FREEZER. We ship this product frozen; however it is not refrigerated during transport by courier/Canada Post. Buyer assumes all risks associated with the shipping of this product and will not hold Ontario Nutrition responsible for any damage or losses due to the sensitive nature of this shipped product. In our practice; we have found that these products do arrive in good condition. Please put products in FREEZER (good for 2-6 months) or FRIDGE (good for 1-2 weeks) upon receipt.


Serving Size 1 pc
Calories 80.00 Cal
Total Fat 5.00g
Unsaturated Fat 3.00g
Saturated Fat 2.00g
Sodium 170.00mg
Total Carbohydrates 1.00g
Sugars 0.00g
Starch 1.00g
Fiber 0.00g
Sugar Alcohol 0.00g
Net Carbohydrate 1.00g
Protein 7.00g

Price:  $3.99